06_7 summer road trip and staycation tips
June 01 | 2023



It’s travel season and people are catching up with fun summer road trips and creative staycations. Is this possible without wrecking your budget though? Yep! Once you read the following 7 road trip / staycation tips you’ll be well on your way to some much deserved R&R.

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05_gift ideas for mom 2
May 01 | 2023


Happy early Mother’s Day to all the moms out there and a reminder to everyone that the second Sunday in May is always Mother’s Day! If you forget, you’ll notice when you spot people scrambling to grab flowers or frantically Googling “car wash gift cards near me” for moms who love a clean ride.

By the way, did you know this holiday was once called Mothering Sunday in Great Britain? Mother’s Day was catchier, so it caught on in modern times. Kind of like SUVs becoming more popular than horses and buggies!

Now let’s look at gift ideas for moms in 2023.

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04_ready your vehicle and yourself for pollen season
April 20 | 2023



Pollen season comes back around faster than Christmas, right? It seems like we just finished battling the yellow dust on our vehicles and now we’re back at it.

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2023 03_do it yourself detailing_se
March 01 | 2023

Do-It-Yourself Detailing Tips

Is there a time you need to do a more detailed car clean-up? Yep, usually after carpooling with toddlers, road trips, or lots of wet weather. Don’t worry, all you need is some extreme detailing tips for extremely dirty vehicles.  

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2023 02_modern dating cars and valentines day_se
February 01 | 2023

Modern Dating, Cars, and Valentine’s Day

The connection between cars and romance has a long history. From drive-in theater dates to timeless romantic drives through the mountains, Cupid puts the pedal to the metal in the driver’s seat! So, we thought you’d love a few fun tidbits about how Valentine’s Day, romance, and automobiles merge here in America. 

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2023 01_new years resolution_se
January 01 | 2023

New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Eve can be the height of our celebration for a brand-new start. Friends, family, and celebrations rock. But it’s those pesky New Year’s resolutions that kinda take the wind out of our sails. Resolutions are hard to keep for even the most motivated person. That’s why we’ve put together some powerful tips for keeping those new habits going long after the first month of the new year.  

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12_why you need to check your tires regularly_se
December 01 | 2022

Why You Need to Check Your Tires Regularly

Checking your tires is as important as oil changes, brake inspections, and regular trips to the car wash. And guess what, checking your tires is easy. The key thing with tires? The variables:

  • Vehicle type and size
  • Road conditions
  • Varying air pressure specifications
  • Air pressure monitoring systems
  • Tire grades and sizes

Don’t worry, there will be no Michelin Man Quiz at the end of this short read. You will know how to save a little gas, extend tire life, and learn the most critical part of tire care, though. This will save you money as well as keep your family safer on the roads. Let’s get rolling!

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11_veterans day trivia facts to think about_se
November 11 | 2022

Veterans Day Trivia Facts to Think About

ZIPS Car Wash has been honoring veterans and active military with free car washes on Veterans Day for over 10 years! A clean ride and shiny tires are nice, but we realize no act can repay what these brave Americans have sacrificed for our country.

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11_preparing yourself and your vehicle for winter travel_se
November 01 | 2022

Preparing Yourself and Your Vehicle for Winter Travel

Old man winter is pretty hard on vehicles. The roads get slippery, cold temperatures create dangerous situations, and road salt can cause corrosion on the undercarriage of cars and trucks. Alloy wheels are subject to damage also.

So, let’s get prepared for that chilly and grumpy old season with helpful winter driving tips such as a pre-season vehicle check, must-have safety kits, and regular car washes.

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10_emergency car kits_se
October 01 | 2022

Emergency Car Kits

Emergency car kits are as crucial to worry-free travel as oil changes and keeping your car clean at your local touchless car wash. But we only think about being stranded seconds after we slide off the road. So, don't wait until you’re stuck in a ditch. We’re going to help you pack an emergency car kit made to protect you, provide basic needs, and get you back on the road.

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09_fall cleaning is just as vital as spring cleaning_se
August 31 | 2022

Fall Cleaning is Just as Vital as Spring Cleaning

A great injustice has occurred with fall cleaning. It has never gotten the same respect as spring cleaning. Fall clean doesn’t have the same ring as spring clean - see what I mean?! But make no mistake - cars, homes, and yards need a fall cleaning, too. 

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08_back to school safety for all drivers_se
August 23 | 2022

Back to School safety for commuting and cross walks 

Driving is statistically one of the most dangerous things humans do. That’s why being extra careful while commuting near kids and in school zones is super important.  Being alert, using common sense, and taking your time means that accidents will be less likely near a school. While it’s true that pedestrians have the right of way, that law can’t stop a 2,000-pound automobile with a distracted driver in the moment. But if everyone makes safety a priority, then we can protect our children.  

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07_summer vacation travel tips_se
July 30 | 2022

Summer Vacation Travel Tips

What’s the best summer vacation travel tip you have ever heard? Many would say that taking a physical map or downloading maps is #1. Because cell signals aren’t guaranteed, right? Others might think the best tip is to bring the pups along for the memories. Some say make dad drive the entire way! 

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07_protect your vehicles paint from summer bugs_se
July 15 | 2022

Protect Your Vehicle’s Paint from Summer Bugs

Summer bugs are a mess when they collide with your vehicle and they can wreck your shiny exterior. If you can’t get to a car wash before these dearly departed bugs dry onto the clearcoat, stains are likely. We’ll talk about an express car wash add-on that’s here to save the day in a moment. 

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06_fathers day gift ideas_se
June 15 | 2022

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is the #1 day to show some love to the good ole Dad, Pops, or Mr. Grillmaster. Whichever alias your dad prefers or was mandated by his BBQ Association. This man helped keep you in proper shoes, taught you how to drive, and was always ready with a dad joke.

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06_car safety for pets and kids in the summer_se
June 01 | 2022

Car Safety for Pets and Kids in the Summer

Summer brings warm weather for fun in the sun, but the heat can be a threat when it comes to our vehicles. The sun is responsible for fading many candy-apple-red rides into kinda-awful-red rides. There are ways to prevent UV damage, but we also need to protect what’s inside our cars and trucks.

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05_memorial day travel tips_se
May 16 | 2022

Memorial Day Travel Tips

In 2021, over 37 million Americans were expected to travel during Memorial Day Weekend by planes, trains, but mostly automobiles. Are you making big plans to hit the road for a long weekend? No matter how you celebrate the unofficial start to summer this Memorial Day weekend, you can stay safe with these travel tips.  

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05_memorial day origins_se
May 05 | 2022

Memorial Day Origins and Travel Tips

With many Americans getting time off at the end of the month, Memorial Day is usually a day to gather with family and friends, hit the pool or lake or take a long weekend trip. But the original Memorial Day was focused on honoring those who were lost during the Civil War. A tradition of reflection and appreciation that endures to this day. 

And while we’re always first to cannonball into kicking off summer, we’re also always mindful of the true meaning and reason for Memorial Day. So, buckle up for a quick look back at the origins of Memorial Day 

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04_time saving mothers day gifts_se
April 29 | 2022

Time-saving Mother's Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is one of those holidays that you’ll find yourself looking for a gift. Flowers and phone call seem to top the list with roughly one-quarter of all flowers purchased throughout the year fall on Mother’s Day. Plus, Americans actually use the phone for non-texting communication with over 122 million phone calls to mom on this special holiday. 

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04_earth day and eco friendly car washing_se
April 18 | 2022

Earth Day and Eco-friendly Car Washing

Zips Car Wash will be thrilled to celebrate Mars Day if we humans ever reside there, but for now, Earth Day gets all the love. 1970 was the first year for Earth Day and it has grown like a redwood ever since. This environmental movement has mobilized over 1 billion people to help protect our home planet! 

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00_protection and shine with z5x ceramics_se
March 15 | 2022

Protection and Shine with Z5x Ceramics

If you’re looking for longer-lasting shine or better paint protection with your regular visits to a local car wash, there’s hope. After all, cars and trucks are meant to shine, right? But splattered bugs, dirt, mud, and the sun can really take a toll on a vehicle’s paint. 

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00_pollen season protection for your vehicle_se
February 10 | 2022

Pollen Season Protection for Your Vehicle

Pollen gets a bad rap because it irritates our sinuses, causes allergic reactions, and makes a mess on cars, trucks, and driveways. But without pollen, nothing on Earth would grow and humans would have to head to Mars, where accommodations are a bit lacking. Luckily there are ways to deal with pollen season. So, let’s sniff out the details. 


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00_dont forget your vehicle needs spring cleaning_se
January 03 | 2022

Don’t Forget Your Vehicle Needs Spring Cleaning Too

Here’s the blooming truth. Spring cleaning makes people feel happier, but your vehicle needs freshening up just as much as your home does. So, if you need some car care tips and cleaning motivation, we’re glad to help you out. 

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