(Time for Money-Saving Car Tips)

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National Car Wash Day – March 28th this year – is kind of a big deal for us clean car enthusiasts. Sure, it’s not quite as sweet as National Donut Day, but a reminder nonetheless to visit a car wash near you this month. And with pollen in the air, we’ll bet anything that you’re due for a shine-up right about now.

So, get ready for National Car Wash Day facts, myths, legends, and statistics below. 

Bonus: You’ll find 8 easy ways to save money on car-related expenses at the end of this article.

3 National Car Wash Day Myths

You know how rumors start…

  1. This holiday was not created by the same guy who invented the wheel
  2. Car Wash Day is not affiliated with VCR Day (those went extinct, let it go folks????)
  3. Famous walkers did not try to stop National Car Wash Day (not Emma Gatewood or TWD zombies)

3 Unconfirmed Car Wash Holiday Legends 

  1. Car lovers like this holiday better than their own birthday!
  2. Drive-in Movie Day confuses drivers thinking they can get a wash while watching the Spiderman movie
  3. You can take the day off from work????

Again, we can’t confirm or deny these legends. But we don’t suggest missing work unless you double-check with the boss.

Onto more fun facts below.

5 Car Wash Historical Facts & Stats

  1. Some debate, but most agree the first commercial car wash opened in 1914 in Detroit, Michigan. We bet someone charged a buck or two to wash a neighbor’s car before the 1914 official opening though. History can’t cover every single event, right?
  2. The first wash automation popped up in 1946, according to AAA. In 1950, entrepreneur Dan Hanna upgraded those early automation systems and even began recirculating wash bay water.
  3. Switzerland and Germany have laws regulating washing cars at home. Some U.S. states also encourage residents to use eco-friendly commercial car washes to avoid surface runoff at home that affects the soil.
  4. Car wash deals in the old days were rare since prices were low already (a loaf of bread cost just 7 cents in 1914 - Census Bureau).
  5. A 2021 poll showed 66% of people average washing their vehicles 13 times annually. We can help step-up your game in this area with ZIPS Unlimited membership, by the way.

If you’re behind on that average, then National Car Wash Day is a good day to catch up. Especially with car wash deals more widely available on this squeaky-clean holiday. Just go to to find an offer you can’t resist.

Ok, time to close out.

Wrap-Up with 8 Money-saving Car Tips

Like we promised, tips to save you hard-earned money when it comes to your vehicle.

  1. Parking on grass increases odds of getting stuck (Amazon Drivers take note)
  2. ZIPS has complimentary turbo vacuums to keep your interior clean
  3. Used tires can save you money in a pinch and keep tires out of landfills
  4. Consumer advisor Clark Howard doesn’t advise extended warranties, but for cars, he says they are ok if you don’t think you can afford eventual repairs 
  5. Carpooling is a major money saver that may be worth the inconvenience
  6. Buy used. New cars lose roughly 15% of their value each year after the first year (LendingTree)
  7. Keep your oil changed, tires rotated, and exterior spotless to help hold vehicle value longer
  8. Seek the best car wash with wax to help prevent paint stains