ZIPS Car Wash Celebrates 20 Years!

ZIPS Car Wash Celebrates 20 Years!

20 years sure does ZIP by when you’re having some good, clean fun. We want to say thank you to our amazing customers for 20 years of shine. ZIPS Car Wash has come a long way. 20 years and millions of clean cars later, here we are celebrating our 20th anniversary with you. 

But where did we get started? ZIPS Car Wash opened with just two locations in 2004 in rural Arkansas and has grown to three unique brands operating over 280 locations in 25 states over the last 20 yearsMost of ZIPS’ growth story has occurred over the last 8 years through strategic acquisition and development. In 2022 alone, ZIPS acquired 66 locations and has built new locations over the last two years expanding its reach and making ZIPS the largest privately owned express car wash chain in the country.  

How could we thank all of you enough? Cool prizes are a great start, right? 

So, let’s get into our Giveaway details. We are so giddy about this; we can hardly stand the wait… 


We’re donating $20,000 to Folds of Honor to support students of fallen soldiers and wounded military personnel as they further their education. Folds of Honor is doing amazing work in communities across the country. We hope to shine a light on their efforts while providing a financial lift as well. And you, as a ZIPSter can help, too– starting June 4th, 2024, you’ll be able to add a $1, $3 or $5 donation to your car wash purchase at any ZIPS Car Wash. That’s over 260 locations across 22 states that you can make a difference in!

 We are getting to the fun prizes, so hang on to your hats (non-hat folks, just hang on????)


You bet! The best way to say thank you to our loyal customers is to give out free car washes… 20,000 free car washes, in fact! A whole lot of lucky drivers are gonna be cruising in clean rides on our dime very soon. 

 But wait. How does one enter such a gigantic Giveaway? 

  • Do you have to run a Mud Race barefoot? 
  • Wrestle a bear? 
  • Put your name in a hat 200 times? 

Nope, and that last one would be unfair to the non-hatters anyway. All you have to do is Spin to Win - online. Yes, it’s cool, fun, and crazy convenient if we do say so and features more prizes than just a free wash. 


BTW the contest lasts until May 31, 2024, and you’ll have the chance to win instantly and when you register, you’re automatically entered for one of 20 grand prizes, a 3-month ZIPS Unlimited™ membership.  

Cheers to 20 Years! Sweeps is available on the ZIPS App and on 

Plus, you may catch our sweeps on social media platforms - so keep your eyes peeled. Share the post with your friends and family so they can win, too! 

The fun prizes are listed below (yes, we’re giving away 2,024 prizes plus 20 GRAND PRIZES, so don’t tell our accountant). 

Prizes for ZIPS Cheers to 20 Years Sweepstakes include: 

$10 Premier Car Wash  

$5 in-app credit  

Free Premier Car Wash  

1-month UWC in-app credit  

8 out of 10 spaces on the Wheel are winners! 80% chance of winning… Did we mention you can get a free wash right now, no matter what, in our new ZIPS app? Download our app now from Google Play or the App Store and start looking great right away.  

We checked that math with our bean counter, so odds are truly on your side. Good luck and thank you so much for an unbelievable 20 years. It is our pleasure to serve you and your family at ZIPS Car Wash.