Epic Tips For Independence Day & Summer Road Trips 2024

a group of american flags on a car

Top 3 Fairs To Visit For 2024’s Independence Day 

States beginning with the letter “I” have it this year when it comes to fun fairs for Independence Day.  

#1 CarmelFest, Carmel, Indiana: Two-day July 4th celebration. Parade, live music, outdoor street fair, and fireworks synchronized to music. 

#2 Celebrate Indee, Independence, Iowa: Free two-day festival. Live music, dance performances, a reading of the Declaration of Independence, food, and fireworks. 

#3 Riverfest Idaho Falls, Idaho: Free event running from 12 pm to 10 pm on July 4th. Food vendors, live music, kids' activities, and a fireworks display set to music called the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration. 

What if you just want to cruise to see the scenery from your vehicle and avoid crowds this Independence Day? ZIPS Car Wash has you covered below with tips and paint protection without waxing a car. 


Waxing A Car - The Easy Way For Bug Protection On Road Trips 

The top five states for road trips were ranked in a study last year.   

Use caution, though, because some state highways have more bugs than others. But waxing a car isn’t needed if you take advantage of a ZIPS Premier car wash package featuring Graphene-Ceramic Fusion X and Ultra HD Glaze. You get max clear coat protection with ease as this exterior protection is applied during the automatic car wash. Good news because… 

Bug splatters have gross acid that damages car and truck paint. Watch out for southern states with humid climates that seem to draw more bugs. Examples include: 

  • Louisiana - stink bugs and mosquitoes 
  • Mississippi - gnats galore 
  • Alabama - love bugs  
  • South Carolina - murder hornets 

On the West Coast, California has flies and killer bees! 

 Big bugs make big messes, and waxing a car by hand the old way isn’t fun for anyone. So, use ZIPS’s innovative, effortless products to do the job. Oh, those top five road trip states… 


5 Best States For Road Trips In 2024 

  1. Texas. Piney forests of East Texas to the mountainous desert in the west. Fun cities like Austin and San Antonio. Plus, Texas has comparatively affordable fuel prices and over 35 ZIPS across the state.  
  2. Arizona. Whoa! Seven national forests, three national parks, and that giant canyon - some would even say “Grand!” Arizona also has low average rainfall, making for a great fair-weather road trip. 
  3. Illinois. Most folks don’t know this state offers 300 miles of historic Route 66. The Great River Road along the state’s western edge is a well-kept-secret destination, too (many historical landmarks). 
  4. New York. There’s more to the Empire State than traffic-filled NYC. New York State has scenic open roads that take you through the Finger Lakes region and the Adirondack Mountains. 
  5. North Carolina. Run, don't walk…, actually drive! It’s faster and will get you on the Blue Ridge Parkway, one of the most scenic drives in the country. And if you have time, be sure to hit the Outer Banks and the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. 




We Covered A Ton of Summer Fun Ideas For Independence Day! 

So, hopefully this will be the best July you and your crew have ever experienced. 

Remember to get a car check-up before hitting the open road. You wanna be safe and prepared out there. 

Also? You don’t need a roadmap to wash a car at a carwash. Just hang a left or a right into your nearby ZIPS - choose the Premier wash with Ultra HD Glaze & Graphene-Ceramic Fusion X and you’re all set for your roadie!