Unlimited Wash Club

Wash. Rinse. & Repeat.
& Repeat. & Repeat.

It’s no joke… when we say unlimited, we really mean unlimited! And why go unlimited, you ask? Well, with the Unlimited Wash Club, you can stop into any Zips Car Wash location any time you’d like and get straight to the business of a beautiful clean. So if you've ever wondered, “Where can I snag an unlimited car wash pass near me?” you’re all set. 

Take a Victory Lap, or 30!

Yup, you heard us right. With the Unlimited Wash Club at Zips, you really can wash your car as many times a month as you want! And for just $15, we’ll even give you one month to try your membership out - just like your favorite streaming service. Offering value like no other, the Unlimited Wash Club is your golden ticket to say goodbye to the days of sludge, scum, and stains.


Wash & Dry

A super solid option that gets the job done. Give your car our standard power wash and dry, leaving your ride looking tidy and clean!

  • Basic Wash Every car wash gets sudsy with low-pH foam detergent that breaks down mineral soils and removes calcium spots. Then, we rinse with dissolved mineral-free water for a spotless finish.
  • Power Dry Every car wash passes through multi-angle, industrial-strength power air dryers at the end of our wash tunnels. It's enough to blow your socks off!

Single Unlimited
Wash Club
$10 $20

Wheels & Wax

Leave your paint job looking pristine and get your wheels in tip-top shape. This is the ultimate achievement in suds and shine.

  • Z-Wax You'll be turning heads on the freeway with our Z-Wax liquid wax coating which is applied to the car’s exterior surface for optimal gloss-quality of vehicle paint.
  • Triple Foam Everyone gets excited about car wax, but first...Triple Foam! Our tri-color foam conditioner interacts with the low-pH detergent to prep and polish the vehicle's exterior surface prior to wax application.
  • Tire Shine Our Tire Shine process coats your outer tires with a layer of gloss protectant that conditions the tire rubber to prevent accelerated drying and also protects against UV light. It's like moisturizing sunscreen for your tires!

Single Unlimited
Wash Club
$10 $20

Works & Wow

Give your car the works! After a thorough wash, liquid gloss, clear protect, and rain repel team up to create the strongest and longest-lasting protection.

  • Liquid GlossKeep those shades on a bit longer with our Liquid Gloss coat! This added layer of conditioner and lubricant extends the life of your vehicle's surface shine after a wax treatment.
  • Clear ProtectDefend, resist and protect against dirt and UV light with our Clear Protect sealant that help your ride stay cleaner, longer. It's your vehicle surface super-hero....just without the cape.
  • Rain RepelDon't let a little rain get you down with our Rain Repel application for your windshield and windows which allows water to bead and run off more efficiently, improving visibility in rainy conditions.

Single Unlimited
Wash Club
$10 $20
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What are the terms and conditions of my membership?

I understand that unless I tell Zips Car Wash otherwise, I will receive uninterrupted service and access during normal business hours with the exception of closings due to inclement weather and/or servicing of equipment; my membership will be automatically renewed on the anniversary of the join date. I authorize Zips Car Wash to fulfill my membership & charge my credit/debit card. Only the car listed on this form is eligible for the program & must have a Zips RFID tag affixed to the vehicle. I understand the email address provided is used to receive monthly receipts or to receive communication about my account. Zips Car Wash reserves the right to cancel, amend, or change the pricing or packages as necessary. Gift Cards may not be used to purchase an Unlimited Club. No refunds or credits will be given for partial months or for lack of use. I understand I must cancel 7 days prior to the anniversary billing cycle by contacting customer service at 855-947-7927 or click here to contact us.

Can I use any location?

You got that right! Our memberships are good to use at any of our Zips Car Wash locations that accept Unlimited Wash Club memberships.

What if I want to upgrade my membership?

We’re happy to help you move on up in your membership. You can call, email, or visit your local Zips Car Wash to let them know, and we’ll get that changed to whichever package you like.

I sold my car, what do I do now?

No biggie! Please visit your local Zips and let the staff know that you have an account and will need a new RFID sticker for your windshield. If you’re still having problems, reach us directly by clicking here.

I got a new car, what do I do?

Don’t sweat it! Just visit your local Zips Car Wash and let an attendant know that you currently have a membership, but you got a new car and need to update your vehicle information to get a new RFID tag. They’ll take care of everything for you!

Can I use this membership on more than one vehicle?

Unfortunately, no can do. Each membership is tied to a specific car. The RFID stickers that we place on your windshield allow for that vehicle to pass through the car wash. We have to issue one for each vehicle because once removed, the tag is ruined and won’t scan properly.

Can I suspend my account?

No problem. If there is a reason why you’re unable to use your membership for a month or longer, we can cancel the billing so that you won’t be charged during that time. Your membership still stands, but it won’t be active until you reinstate it at the site or send an email to get your membership working again.

How do I cancel?

All cancellations must be made 7 days prior to the anniversary billing date by contacting us here.