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Don’t run for the hills. Just run toward the nearest unlimited car wash if you want to protect your vehicle from this year’s pollen attack! 

Is pollen that bad for vehicle paint? No doubt it is. But it’s worse than you imagine, as we’re about to see.  

Don’t worry, though. Because we’ve got three smart tips to protect your car, truck, and even family members from pollen’s effects. 


  1. Wash or rinse daily if possible. Tough to do by yourself, so a commercial unlimited car wash works wonders (saves water and money, too). 

  2. Keep filters clean to keep pollen particles out of your vehicle interior (also wipe down surfaces to keep the AC from circulating this “yellow dust devil”). 

  3. Use wax on your car or truck after washing, and if you have access to graphene coating, even better. 

See, fighting pollen isn’t hopeless. However, each year pollen season seems to stretch out over a longer period, right? 

Could be perception, but regardless, it’s critical to monitor pollen levels so you can avoid vehicle paint damage and even respiratory issues because pollen is one tough, dusty customer… 


How tough is pollen? It is often used to help analyze fossils! That means it sticks around for a long time, folks.  

Here are some details on how it does this. The chemical make-up is pretty complex for what seems like plain ole dust, but it has three main parts. And the outer layer is known as exine, which is radically resistant to disintegration, according to the smart experts at Britannica. 

Get this… the exine shield can even withstand intense heat and strong acids. Clearly, we are not dealing with a normal speck of dust here. That’s why an unlimited car wash pass is a smart idea. If you give pollen an inch, it will take a mile. And it’ll take a lot of money to undo the long-term paint damage that’s possible. 

One more issue with pollen you may not have realized yet? 


It’s not only that pollen's a problem all by itself when it comes to health issues. The problems can actually get ramped up in urban areas compared to rural locations. The reason is air pollution. 

Urban areas typically have higher levels of air pollution. So, when pollen season rolls around, this combination is a double whammy. Health issues like the following could worsen as a result. 

  • Runny nose  
  • Stuffy nose  
  • Sneezing 
  • Itchy nose, eyes, ears, and mouth 
  • Swelling around eyes 
  • Asthma exacerbation 

And as you may know, pollution also plays a dastardly role in damaging vehicle exteriors.  

POLLEN PLUS POLLUTION - A BRUTAL COMBINATION reports “volatile organic compounds” found in paints and pesticides, for example, react to the air, contributing to haze and posing health hazards. These pollutants and reactions can also damage your ride’s paint job. 

Protecting cars’ or trucks’ paint and clearcoat has always been on the minds of vehicle owners. However, protection has never been more important since inflation is making automobile paint more expensive than ever. You think a Happy Meal price has gone through the roof? Just try to imagine the cost of getting your vehicle painted in 2024! 

We encourage you to avoid having to do that by any means necessary. Pollen season is upon us, and when you toss air pollution in the mix, you could have big trouble down the road.  

You can easily steer clear of those worries and inflation. ZIPS Car Wash prices are budget-friendly, including our unlimited car wash deal that’s perfect for the worst days of pollen season.