Happy New Year to you and yours from ZIPS Car Wash! 

Time to give you the quickest highlight reel about resolutions and habits ever. We’ll even save you from reading lengthy books on habit-building. Because oddly, self-help can turn into a bad habit, right? 

Let’s Start With 3 Facts About New Year’s Resolutions: 

  1. The first people to make these resolutions were ancient Babylonians (History Channel) 
  2. “Exercise more” was the #1 New Year’s Resolution last year (Rochester First) 
  3. Only 9% of Americans who make resolutions complete them (Ohio St. Univ.) 

Ouch… that 9% could rise if more drivers made a resolution to keep a cleaner ride, since ZIPS makes it quick-n-easy. A car wash solution resolution would boost U.S. resolution success rates????. 

Need Proof? 

Good Habits Must Be Easy or They Fail. 

Humans choose convenience. Even to our own detriment. Loading up on Cheetos at the gas station is easier than baking a healthy meal. So, we end up with orange fingers. 

The good news is you can use this fact to your advantage to keep New Year’s resolutions going. Examples below: 

  • Start an exercise routine in your house or with a neighbor (eliminating the commute and the barriers to getting in a workout) 
  • Don’t bring junk food inside your home (if you buy it, eat in car but don’t allow it past your front door) 
  • Build better relationships— leave a note on your pillow to text a loved one before going to sleep 

See? Make it inconvenient to do what you want to avoid (bad habits). While making it convenient or nearly unavoidable to ‘trip over’ the good habits you want to build. 

Tips From Atomic Habits.

The top-selling book of 2022 was on habits. You can read it or use the tips below highlighted from the best-seller. 

  • Optimize small choices that generate high impact 
  • Create habit streaks, track them, and restart IMMEDIATELY after you break a streak 
  • Bad habits have cues (often microscopic), remove any and all cues 
  • Put up roadblocks to bad habits (not foolproof but shifts odds in your favor) 
  • Money where your mouth is (penalize yourself monetarily for indulging in a bad habit) 

There, we just saved you hundreds of pages of reading ????. But don’t look up the ZIPS Car Wash phone number for habit counseling. We’ve got cars and trucks to wash! 

However, We Do Have More Facts To Help You Build Good New Year’s Habits. 

Gen Z feels more pressure to set a resolution than any other generation (Forbes) 

More Baby Boomers cite losing weight as a top resolution than other generations (Forbes) 

Apps are the most popular accountability tool (EnterpriseAppsToday). So, be sure to download the new ZIPS app from your app store, just sayin 

35% of resolutions fail because people lose motivation (EnterpriseAppsToday) 

Brains get bored so freshen up rewards to yourself for little wins (Harvard) 

Good Habits Are Hard. Bad Habits Are Easy. No Way Around This Truth. 

So, you need every fact in the book about habits to succeed with New Year’s resolutions. 

And still, this one truth must be embraced→ The choice is always in your hands. 

No matter how many habit books you read. No matter the hours you research brain hacks for good habits. The choice between good habits and bad comes down to what you decide to do moment by moment.  

It’s funny, we’ve noticed that the people with the cleanest cars don’t wait until their car is filthy before coming to our car wash. They stay on top of cleaning their ride. Best part? We’ve made it easy to form a good car wash habit with ZIPS Unlimited membership. Wash every day for best results.  

Consistency, as best you can manage, keeps cars clean and builds positive habits.