Support Your Local Community

At Zips, we're working every day to make the communities we serve a better place. We're offering programs for the youngest drivers to encourage safety on the roads through our Drive Clean® Initiative. For those who need to raise money for their local organization, ZipsCares can get you well on your way. And, for large employers our ZipsPerks program allows businesses to offer their team members a pricing Perk at Zips.

Across the Mid-west and Southeast we're making our stores a collection site for homeless shelters and food banks. Each time you visit a Zips Car Wash and invest in your vehicle maintenance, you're helping us improve your community through our efforts to give back. Join the movement to make our towns a better place to live. Here's what we've given back so far this year. Help us keep the number ticking!

Grace for Vets

At Zips, we offer our best car wash for free for all military veterans on Veterans Day, November 11. This is just a small way for us to say "thank you" to those who have sacrificed and served our country. Zips Car Wash has participated in Grace for Vets by offering free car washes on Veteran's Day for over 10 years.