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ZIPS Car Wash Supports “Know the Flow” to Promote Water Safety Initiatives in NWA

Free Car Litter Bags, New $5 Wash, $1 ZIPS Unlimited™ and Remodeled Car Wash Celebration May 7th

Know the Flow Storm Drain Protection

Siloam Springs, AR – (May 1, 2024) – ZIPS Car Wash announced today its upcoming Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Tuesday, May 7th at 10:30am to show off its newly remodeled location at 300 US-412 in Siloam Springs featuring new detailing centers and exterior upgrades, as it kicks off support for the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture’s Stormwater Education Program “Know the Flow.” Residents will be challenged all summer long to pledge to take care of our local waterways. ZIPS will incentivize the program by selecting 10 winners for a $100 ZIPS gift card, plus a grand prize of 1 year of ZIPS Unlimited™ will be awarded to one lucky participant. To start the celebration of its remodel now, ZIPS is offering $1 ZIPS Unlimited™ now through May 7th

“We’re honored to have ZIPS partner with us on our summer ‘Know the Flow’ program to garner awareness in a fun and engaging way to encourage our residents to protect our waterways,” said Kristen Crawley, County Extension Agent, and Stormwater Educator for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service. “The support from ZIPS, a business born in Arkansas and focused on the conservation of water, means our program can go even further this summer as we work to educate residents on the benefits of express car washing vs. driveway washing to protect our local streams and lakes,” she added.

Join Know the Flow, pledge to keep Northwest Arkansas waters clean and protected and enter to win prizes from ZIPS Car Wash starting June 1, 2024, at According to the Division of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service, in Arkansas cities and towns,  stormwater cannot soak in through  impervious surfaces such as driveways, rooftops, sidewalks, and parking lots, and usually flows straight into a storm drain. These openings along roads and in parking lots connect to pipes which carry the water, along with any pollutants it has picked up along the way, directly to your local stream or lake.

When you wash your car on the driveway or street the dirt, grease, and soap can wash into storm drains that lead directly to creeks and streams. Concentrations of detergents in streams can harm fish and their eggs. The phosphates from soap can also cause excess algae to grow in our waterways. Excessive algae growth makes water cloudy, green, unattractive, smelly, and unpleasant for swimming, boating, fishing, or drinking. Do your part this summer by using express car wash services for added convenience and protection for our local water resources.

“We’re doing everything we can to make the water conservation and protection benefits of express car washing available to any budget with our new $1 ZIPS Unlimited™ at our Siloam Springs location, plus our new $5 wash now available at all Northwest Arkansas locations,” said Rebecca Latacz, Chief Marketing Officer, ZIPS Car Wash. “We’re proud and excited to partner with ‘Know the Flow’ to help educate and invest in our local community,” she added.

Learn more about how you can protect local water resources and pledge to help protect NWA and enter to win prizes starting June 1, 2024. ZIPS Car Wash Siloam Springs is located at 300 US-412. 

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