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Zips Team

Welcome to Zips Car Wash

At Zips, we’re revolutionizing the car wash industry. How are we doing it? By building a team of extraordinary people working together in a unique, high performing culture. And we can’t wait to serve you. Come try our great services at any of our 175+ locations across the country for the best car wash experience out there.

We are an express, ride thru tunnel car wash with four car wash options and always free self-serve vacuums. Purchase an Unlimited Wash Club Membership at any of our stores and start saving now on the upkeep and protection of your vehicle. Don't forget to ask us about our Zips Difference!

Quality products that protect your car

Only the best will do. That’s why we invest in the highest quality products on the market and have customized them to make them our own so we’re giving you the Zips Difference. From tire shine to clear coat protectant, we want to ensure your vehicle is clean and protected when you leave our property.

If you aren’t satisfied, speak to an Associate, we will re-wash your vehicle for free so we can get it right. That’s the Zips Way.

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Liquid Glaze

The liquid glaze is a conditioner and extra lubricant that helps with the initial cleaning of the vehicle.


Included in the following wash packages:

Rain Repellent

Rain repellant is a fantastic product that does just what it’s name states, repelling water from the surface of the vehicle and the windows.


Included in the following wash packages:

Triple Conditioner

The Triple Conditioner is a great product that helps prepare the surface of the vehicle for the final stage waxes.


Included in the following wash packages:

Mr. Zippy's Hot Wax

Mr. Zippy’s Hot Wax is a caranuba based liquid wax that does an excellent job of bringing out the shine! This will essentially give your vehicle that “wet” look.


Included in the following wash packages:

Tire Shine

The tire shine is a water based gloss that is applied to the tires to help with the appearance of a clean new tire and conditions it to help prevent it from drying out.


Included in the following wash packages:

Bug Prep

Let us spray away the grime you can't avoid. Our Pre-Wash Prep breaks down all the inevitable day-to-day goop your vehicle collects.


Included in the following wash packages:

Clear Coat

Clear Coat sealant is designed to increase the longevity of the clear coat on your vehicle.


Included in the following wash packages:

The ZIPS Difference

What’s unique about Zips? We’re more than just a car wash. We’re an organization that’s working to bring the car wash industry to a new level of expertise and care for our customers and our team members. We’re creating careers for our team members, bettering our communities with local programs for fundraising and vehicle safety education, and working to give customers the best car wash experience out there.

Why Pay Retail?

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