Wash Services

  • Our Protect It! Car Wash includes all of our best products for an overall clean and to help keep your vehicle looking great. This car wash includes Liquid Glaze to clean, shine and protect, Mr. Zippy's Hot Wax, Bug Prep, Rain Repellant, Triple Conditioner, Tire Shine and Clear Coat Sealant.
  • Our Wax It! Car Wash includes Mr. Zippy's Hot Wax, Rain Repellant, Triple Conditioner, Tire Shine and Clear Coat Sealant.
  • Our Shine It! Car Wash includes Rain Repellant, Triple Conditioner, and Tire Shine.
  • Our Clean It! Car Wash will get you back on the road in a clean, dry, shiny car. All car washes include access to our FREE self-serve vacuums.

Zips offers the latest technologies in car washing with the fastest service. Our most widely offered service at Zips is our three-minute Ride-Thru Tunnel Wash—enter our wash, take your hands off the wheel, foot off the brake and enjoy the ride as the smooth conveyor system guides your car through to a new level of clean.

Zips only uses soft cloths, eco-friendly soaps and waxes, water and power air dryers to clean your ride. You’ll leave Zips shiny and clean and ready to get back on the road in just minutes. If you have the time, all of our locations offer free vacuums so you can get the inside of your ride cleaned up in a hurry.

You’ll often hear us say,“We’re a green kind of clean.” At Zips we want to help conserve and preserve our environment through conscious development and planning efforts. When you zip in and zip out of our wash, we’ll always use eco-friendly chemicals on your car. Since we are a professional car wash, we recycle our water and before discharging it, we always treat the water to get rid of any chemicals. Our discharge is not emptied into storm drains. Most storm drains carry excess rainwater directly into nearby waterways without any additional cleaning of that water. When you wash your car in your driveway, you send chemicals—including soap, oil and sludge—directly into our environment through the drainage systems in your neighborhood. Such systems lead to our rivers, lakes, and streams, so this can cause harmful results to both wildlife and the environment. Let us do the dirty work, and we’ll do our part to keep the environment safe.

Washing your car at home uses up to three times as much water as we use in one wash. That’s right, one wash! According to the International Carwash Association, summer car washing produces the second largest demand for peak summer water use. Let us help you our this year by joining us in the fight to conserve water.

Here are some of our features and what they can do to help lengthen the life and quality of your vehicle.

triple conditioner image

The Tri-Color Conditioner is a great product that helps prepare the surface of the vehicle for the final stage waxes. This Low pH product applied after the higher pH soaps at the beginning of the wash help remove any dirt from the vehicle so the waxes can adhere to the surface of the vehicle.

tire shine image

The tire shine is a water based gloss that is applied to the tires to help with the appearance of a clean new tire and conditions the tire to help prevent it from drying out, similar to putting lotion on your skin.

rain repellant image

Rain repellant is a fantastic product that does just what it’s name states, repelling water from the surface of the vehicle and the windows. This is especially useful on those rainy days where you will find yourself worrying less about the rain on the windshield and more on the road ahead!

bug prep image

Our Pre-Wash Prep breaks down all the inevitable day-to-day goop your vehicle collects. Sprayed on by a Zips team member, we're able to ensure an all over clean, even in areas that are difficult to reach.

clear coat image

Clear Coat sealant is designed to increase the longevity of the clear coat on your vehicle. This adds a protective layer of gloss and also helps protect from harmful UV rays that, over time, can cause damage and fading.

liquid glaze image

The liquid glaze is a conditioner and extra lubricant that helps with the initial cleaning of the vehicle. The foam helps capture and remove sediments from the vehicle as well as prepare the surface for the Tri-Foam and clear coat sealants.

Mr. Zippy's Hot Wax image

Mr. Zippy’s Hot Wax is a carnauba based liquid wax that does an excellent job of bringing out the shine! This will essentially give your vehicle that “wet” look.