Time-saving Mother's Day Gifts

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Mother’s Day is one of those holidays that you’ll find yourself looking for a gift. Flowers and phone call seem to top the list with roughly one-quarter of all flowers purchased throughout the year fall on Mother’s Day. Plus, Americans actually use the phone for non-texting communication with over 122 million phone calls to mom on this special holiday. 

Mother’s Day: The Gift of Leisure 

Let’s face it. We can never repay mom for all she did for us growing up. Even bribes won’t work. Hard to show enough appreciation for someone who toted you around for 6,480 hours before you even arrived on earth! A phone call and flowers are a good start. But maybe we should also consider taking a load off mom this year. 

One way is making her life easier around the house. Consider gifting the parents a maid service for the year. Just once per month saves everyone in the house from dreaded chores. On the other hand, you could pay for the service only on holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, her birthday, and most importantly, Mother’s Day.  

Maybe she could use landscaping help instead. Hiring a lawn company could lighten her outdoor load. It could also erase dad’s excuse to not go to salsa lessons or the mall with her if someone else handles the mowing! 

The Mom-mobile Car Wash 

Another task you can take off mom’s list is washing her vehicle. That Mom-mobile has traveled a million miles hauling us around as kids. And we’ve dropped a potato field’s worth of french fries and countless candy bars under the seat over the years. So, consider giving mom the gift of a clean car without any work on her part. 

Just do a quick search for “unlimited car wash pass near me.” Hopefully, mom is near a Zips Car Wash because she will love the gift of convenience. 

  • She’ll get unlimited car washes 
  • Free Self-Serve Turbo Vacuums - Cheerios can roll surprisingly far! 
  • Free self-serve towels and spray surface cleaner 

An unlimited car wash pass that includes free vacs for mom saves her time, hassle, and effort. And studies show there are 85.4 million mothers in the United States, with 100% of them needing - a break! Psst, husbands - a great gift for the mother of your little ones. 

Mother’s Day Time-tested Gifts 

In addition to household services and car wash passes you can buy for mom, here are a few more gift ideas that can make life easier. 

  • Meal prep kits sent right to her door 
  • Gift cards to her favorite restaurant or coffee shop 
  • Keurig coffee maker - Goodbye Mr. Coffee circa 1995 

Moms have put in their fair share of work early in life. So, finding Mother’s Day gifts that cut down their to-do list will be appreciated. It saves them some hard work and hassles but also gives them more free time. And that’s a gift that keeps on giving.  

Whether you give mom the gift of a clean house, clean vehicle, or easy meal prep, make sure you also give her your time. A phone call or a visit will mean the world to the lady who carried you into this world. Not to mention, there’s no better way to spend your time or make her feel loved on her special day.