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Hard to imagine… but an even better shine is coming to your local ZIPS Car Wash. Your ride will be clean as ever, and now with innovative grime fighting and protective car wash chemistry, your vehicle will have a longer-lasting shine. Plus, enhanced protection from dirt, grime, and the harshest elements.

Let’s see what these fresh car cleaning services are all about as we showcase Z Hot Wax, Z5X Ceramics, and Ultra HD Glaze. 


The “easy button” at ZIPS? You’ll find it is one tap away when you choose our BASIC PLUS wash. This menu option features Z Hot Wax, a super-sealant for your vehicle’s clearcoat. 

As car lovers know, the clearcoat is the final layer of “paint” on your vehicle’s exterior. This clear layer coats the paint underneath for a bit of protection against dirty elements. A “bit” is the key word. Without car wax, your ride’s paint is a few bird droppings and some road tar away from a gross mess, possibly permanent staining!

So, tap that BASIC PLUS button to keep your clearcoat and paint protected for miles to come.

What about this Graphene-Ceramic Fusion X?


Oh, keep in mind that all these new car wash menu options still give you ZIPS freebies. Complimentary vacs, microfiber towels, and surface cleaner in the vacuum area have, and will continue to be included with every car wash at ZIPS.

Now buckle up for this, the next best thing: the ZIPS PRO wash with Z5X Ceramics. This menu choice is a muscled-up car wash. You get the rain repel, the tire shine, and the Z Hot Wax but also an extra layer of clearcoat shield— synthetic ceramic wax.

You won’t believe the protection this chemical agent provides against the worst road elements. When applied, then cured with a cold water rinse, Z5X Ceramics creates a super-slick vehicle surface that the dirtiest of road grime will struggle to stick to. Same goes for water – you’ll be shocked at how water beads up and runs off your ride.

What does all this mean? More drive and shine time between car washes…all the while being protected by some of the best car wash chemistry on the market today.

Pump the brakes now, because there’s another level.


Note… as these new car wash services at ZIPS roll out, you can get a great deal on your first month’s trial of unlimited car washes.

And to get the best bang for your buck, the highest level of clean, shine, and vehicle protection, just select our new PREMIER wash featuring Ultra HD Glaze and Graphene-Ceramic Fusion X. This option includes everything. The kitchen sink of car washing, if you will. It’s layer after layer of the best exterior protection you’ll find at any car wash:

  • Triple Foam Conditioner
  • Z Hot Wax
  • Tire Shine and Wheel Cleaner
  • Graphene-Ceramic Fusion X
  • Ultra HD Glaze
  • Plus, complimentary self serv detailing amenities (free vacs, towels, surface cleaner)

As if ceramics couldn’t get any better, enter Graphene-Ceramic Fusion X. It’s all the protective benefits of ceramic wax but infused with the power of graphene for longer-lasting effects. Reminiscent of a superhero movie, those lab scientists mix graphene into synthetic ceramic wax which, when applied to painted surfaces, creates a bonded, molecular-level shield for your ride. Not to mention the enhanced UV protection for your clearcoat.

And ZIPS customers are getting giddy over the deep gloss made possible with our Ultra HD Glaze. “Shiny” doesn’t even describe the incredible luster that this stuff brings out of your ride’s surface. It does for vehicle paint what HD did for TV— the visuals are truly epic!

Warning: The most passionate car and truck enthusiasts may be tempted to gawk at their like-new “showroom shine”. Head-turning and envious looks from other drivers are almost guaranteed here – you’ve really got to see it to believe it. Just putting that out there.


Don’t worry, because you can have it your way at ZIPS Car Wash. If you’re into the BASIC wash option, you can always add on our newest cleaning and protection solutions. 

Add-ons are a great way to test drive Graphene-Ceramic Fusion X or Ultra HD Glaze. Once you see the “showroom shine” and how the added protection makes cleaning off bug splatters and bird drops a breeze, you’ll be back for more.

Count on ZIPS to keep innovating with the best car wash solutions the lab technicians can develop. Not only that, every car wash service we add also comes with a commitment to protect the environment at the same time. To learn more about that commitment, check out our clean water article here.  Happy driving out here!