Summer ZIPS By, so Prep Your Ride for Back-to-School

(11 quick tips for you)

08_summer zips by so prep your ride for back to school


No boos kiddos. Summer can’t last forever, we checked. Mathematically impossible!

So, the good news is you get to see your friends again while mom and dad can get some peace and quiet - we mean… miss you terribly ????.

The bad news? Summer is rough on vehicles. Trips, carpools to the pool, hot weather, unforgiving UV rays and sunshine, sun-dried bugs, on and on.

Don’t fret, parents. These 11 tips will have you on the road to a fresh-n-clean ride just in time for the first day of school. Playing hooky is not an option!

  • Sand leftover from beach trips on the floor mats, between seats, even in the trunk - yikes! Easy fix. Head to ZIPS to take advantage of complimentary self-detailing centers and vacuums! Much easier than digging out a shop vac from the depths of your garage.

  • Tire pressure report card. Seasonal change into fall means temperatures will affect air pressure in a vehicle’s tires. Check all 4. Sorry, math says 5, counting the spare.

  • School means less free time. So, many busy parents find unlimited car wash passes to be their best and easiest car wash solution. They just relax and ride through, leaving with a squeaky-clean car, freshly blown dry. If that doesn’t deserve an A+, we don’t know what does

  • Battery test. Red-hot July and August are tough on car batteries. Check them for free at most auto parts stores before school cranks back up, so you don’t get semi-stuck in the car line.

  • Emergency kit present? A proper kit should be kept in every vehicle the family owns. See this post that shows what a great kit should contain.

  • Protect your vehicle’s exterior. Because before you know it, your kids will be driving and need a car of their own. Costly! So, the longer yours lasts, the better. Don’t waste time researching car wax or the best car wash with wax. ZIPS has a more innovative and effective solution— Z5X Ceramic Coating. Road grime will struggle to stick, and your paint job will thank you for the extra layer of color-fading protection from the sun.

  • Clutter out, backpacks in. Make space for school stuff by using any of these options. ⭐Marie Kondo tips. ⭐Before & after inspiration easily applied to vehicles. ⭐Quote: “Give clutter an inch and it’ll take a mile.”

  • Car and truck calendar. Stick it on the fridge to keep up with maintenance schedules. Because youth sports, recitals, and teacher conferences cause us all to forget oil changes and tire rotations. For you modern or fridge-less folks???? - use a digital calendar.

  • We all know dads who sometimes pick up their kids in the work truck. Cool ride for the kids, but work trucks get dirty because they mean business! Just remember, a fleet truck wash is a good idea, so little Jenny can hold her head high climbing into a clean ride.

  •  Pre-school’ planning. The first day of school is hectic. New high school drivers, big yellow buses, and children crossing the street. Scout your car route the week before school so you can see street changes or signs while traffic is not as busy.

  • Defensive driving school. If you have a teenager nearing their time to get behind the wheel, then please give them extra credit driving experience. Go beyond the mandated driving classes and training so they can be more confident behind the wheel. These extra lessons can save lives.

BTW— ZIPS Car Wash is always looking for good young people to join our growing car wash team.  

We have plenty of car wash locations and with one probably near their school, this could help put gas in their tank and pay their auto insurance. It’s a win-win!