Protection and Shine with Z5x Ceramics

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cIf you’re looking for longer-lasting shine or better paint protection with your regular visits to a local car wash, there’s hope. After all, cars and trucks are meant to shine, right? But splattered bugs, dirt, mud, and the sun can really take a toll on a vehicle’s paint. 

That’s how Z5x Ceramic Coating came to be. Good thing there are mad scientists working on products like this! They created an environmentally friendly coating that protects your car from oxidation and UV damage, repels water like no other, and lasts up to 5 times longer than traditional car wax (hence the 5x in Z5x)! 

*UV levels are higher in some states than others, as seen on this map. 

Car Paint Stains and Scratching 

Bugs, dirt, and UV damage are one thing, but you also have to worry about stains and scratches ruining the appearance of your vehicle. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure because acidic elements, industrial fallout, and bird droppings are a reality. Z5x Ceramic Coating only found at ZIPS Car Wash is your ounce of durable prevention that helps stop etching, staining, and scratching...up to 30 days of protection with one stop at your local car wash! 

Another reason drivers love this space-age coating is the shine factor. Your paint gloss will pop like it did on the showroom floor, minus the annoying salesperson with a quota to meet. Plus, the quick-drying quality means less work drying off the exterior after a car wash. Water instantly beads and runs off the vehicle surface due to the hydrophobic properties of Z5x Ceramics. It’s the molecules at work - again heroic mad scientists! 

How Z5x Ceramic Coating Works 

We’d love to set up a lab display to show off how this impressive sealant works. But our insurance doesn’t cover that apparently. Think of it this way though. You hit the dirt roads in your Jeep and after a day of muddy, off-roading fun, the grime and dirt are stuck on the paint job like glue. Or how about your family road-trip to the lake on miles and miles of interstate highway? You’ll think you’re in the pest control business with all the bugs you killed. And they are stuck to your vehicle’s paint - smack up against the clearcoat! 

That’s when you’ll wish you had an invisible shield between the mud, the bugs, and your ride’s paint job. With Z5x Ceramics, the dirt and insects are less likely to stick to the surface to begin with, and what does hang on, will come off easily with a light hand wash or ride through the car wash. Harmful elements are out there and unavoidable. But you can defend against them with a ceramic coating that is proven to work even in extreme conditions. 

*Tree sap, water spots, and road tar are some of the most harmful to automobile exteriors. 

Regular Car Washing Protects the Paint 

The biggest problem that people encounter with keeping cars clean is waiting too long between washes. It can seem hopeless if things get out of hand, right? Dirt and grime build up, making your beautiful red car look brownish at best. 

That’s why it’s good to stay on top of cleaning and schedule regular trips to your nearest car wash. Take notes from real neat freaks who don’t let a speck of dust on their truck without searching “ride through car wash near me” on their phone! You can stay on track, too. Try these tips: 

  • Smartphone reminders / calendars 
  • Sticker reminders in your car or truck 
  • Unlimited monthly washes at Zips Car Wash featuring Z5x Ceramic Coating  

Modern technology, mad science, and products like Z5x Ceramics make our car wash experience faster, easier, and more effective with a restored shine and added luster - all without pulling out a hose or bucket. And who doesn't want faster and easier? Washing used to be a half-day hassle, but you and your ride are so much better than that!