Protect Your Vehicle’s Paint from Summer Bugs

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Summer bugs are a mess when they collide with your vehicle and they can wreck your shiny exterior. If you can’t get to a car wash before these dearly departed bugs dry onto the clearcoat, stains are likely. We’ll talk about an express car wash add-on that’s here to save the day in a moment. 

But first, why do bugs try to take over the highways in the summer? These flying insects are cold-blooded, so they thrive on warm weather. In the winter, they hide out inside plants and tunnels under the soil to keep warm. Some die off, but their offspring return in the spring to smack windshields, bumpers, and stick to your ride’s paint job. 

So, when the weather turns warm it’s smart to detour into a car wash before smooshed bugs dry up and become really tough to remove.  

*32.5 trillion insects die annually in car crashes according to this study - no kidding! 

Inside Those Creepy Winged Things 

It’s no secret that bugs are full of gross inner parts that don’t look good as hood ornaments. And those inner insect parts are very acidic. Does acid sound healthy for your car? No way! But since there’s no separate HOV lane for mosquitoes, gnats, or hornets their acidic remains end up on our vehicles. 

This acid is so strong it can damage: 

  • Clearcoat 
  • Headlight covers 
  • Metal bumpers 
  • Plastic grills 
  • Emblems 

Some winged creatures are more acidic than others and can even leave lasting marks on the windshield. That’ll bug even the most patient driver. 

Express Car Wash Before Things Heat Up 

To avoid bug acids from ruining the front of your vehicle and your side view mirrors, don’t let the sun bake them on. Hot weather makes it even harder to wash bug parts off. Very similar to road tar. When it hardens, it bonds to the paint even more. Plus, you risk damaging the paint when trying to clean it off. 

We can’t even mention risky DIY methods of bug removal. Your insurance company might cancel your policy if they heard about you trying those! The smart and should be first step after you run into a bug pile-up is to hit an express car wash. Don’t give the sun time to grill them onto your front end. 

*Florida, Texas, and Louisiana get tapped as top bug states in many surveys.  

Never Too Late 

What if you didn’t rinse those deceased pests off your ride in time? Luckily there are some products on the market for DIY-ers that don't mind the extra hassle. Our detail expert said that Turtle Wax has a good product on the market. And there are other bug and tar removers available to use with a microfiber bug sponge.  

Just be certain to read the warning labels before purchasing. Many will advise against using it on certain surfaces. And most will warn you to test it on a small area first to ensure no fading or discoloration occurs. That’s the issue with hard-to-remove acidic substances. You’re faced with using a stronger cleaner which can pose more paint problems. 

Bug Off Solution 

Like many cleaning issues, it’s crucial to act fast. And like many of us, the less work we need to do, the better.  Zips Car Wash not only whisks dirt, grime, and pesky bugs away for you, but you can prevent them from sticking in the first place with our Z5x Ceramic Coating. 

This invisible and durable coating gives you UV and oxidation protection while being hydrophobic (a fancy word for water-repelling). That means rain, bird droppings, and yes, even bug splatter, will struggle to stay stuck. And if anything does manage to hang onto the coating, it’s much easier to rinse away. Yucky yellow jackets, sneaky stink bugs, and unidentified flying grasshopper thingies don’t stand a chance. 

Bugs won’t avoid our roads or bumpers. And they’re always going the wrong direction. All we can do is say a respectful farewell the easy way - an express car wash. That way we don’t have to face the carnage and allow it to stain our rides.