Pollen Season Protection for Your Vehicle

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Pollen gets a bad rap because it irritates our sinuses, causes allergic reactions, and makes a mess on cars, trucks, and driveways. But without pollen, nothing on Earth would grow and humans would have to head to Mars, where accommodations are a bit lacking. Luckily there are ways to deal with pollen season. So, let’s sniff out the details. 

Some people truly struggle with pollen as it can make asthma problems worse. That’s why it is smart to keep an eye on pollen counts when checking the weather. Many people wear a mask to get relief from pollen. But what can you do to protect your vehicle from messy pollen? 

No, waiting for it to rain is not a great plan. And sometimes a light rain just makes things worse with a spotted-up car or truck with yellow blotches of pollen on the paint job. 

Pollen Protection 

The better way to plan for pollen season is to put a shield up between your vehicle’s paint and the falling pollen. With a protective barrier, you can get the yellow dust off your ride much easier. You will be able to: 

  • Simply rinse it off  
  • Use a soft duster made for cars (ensure it is free of harmful grit) 
  • Blow it off with a small leaf blower  

Those are easy steps you can take daily so your vehicle looks nice. Then make a stop at an express car wash once or twice a week to be sure nothing has a chance to stick to your car or truck’s paint. 

What about that magic barrier though? 

Ceramic Coating  

There is an automotive product that creates a durable barrier between your ride’s paint job and the elements. It’s not magic, but the science behind it makes it seem magical. The name of it is Z5x Ceramic Coating and here is what it does:

  • Protects against oxidation and UV damage 
  • Prevents etching and staining 
  • Removes insects and bird droppings easily 
  • Repels water 
  • Maintains paint protection 

That’s 5x the protection of a basic wash. If only we could incorporate the 5x into the name somehow…wait. It is! 

Pollen is an irritating problem, but Z5x Ceramics is able to fight off UV rays, scratches, and splattered bugs. So pollen doesn’t have a chance to stick around on a vehicle’s exterior either. The cherry on top is the enhanced shine it provides. 

Save Yourself Time and Effort 

Zips Car Wash offers Z5x Ceramic Coating because we know drivers want their wash job to last as long as possible. And everyone enjoys a shiny ride without worrying about pollen sticking to hard-to-clean parts such as: 

  • Door, trunk, and hood edges 
  • Around door handles 
  • Between truck bed and cab 
  • Wipers, headlight crevices, trim work / seals 

Without a proven ceramic sealant, pollen, dust, and grime make cleaning those areas aggravating. Plus, an express car wash means you don’t have to do your own washing when the pollen count is sneeze worthy 

Track Pollen Where You Are 

Another way to deal with pollen? You can keep track of pollen counts wherever you go with this handy map and calendar. Bees would love buzz-worthy intel like this. Use it to see daily and weekly forecasts for your area. And for when you have to travel. Keep in mind ZIPS can get your vehicle clean at over 230 stores across the country so whenever your journey leads you, we’ll be there to hide the evidence.  

Keep your windows up on the heavy pollen days. A couple of microfiber cloths in the glove box or a Swiffer for your car will help reduce the dusty allergen while you’re at the wheel. 

The fact is, this yellow dust is valuable to life on our planet and we can’t avoid it. At least we have ways to predict the worst days for allergies and methods to protect our vehicles before the next wave of pollen lands.