New Year’s Resolution

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New Year’s Eve can be the height of our celebration for a brand-new start. Friends, family, and celebrations rock. But it’s those pesky New Year’s resolutions that kinda take the wind out of our sails. Resolutions are hard to keep for even the most motivated person. That’s why we’ve put together some powerful tips for keeping those new habits going long after the first month of the new year.  

What does Zips Car Wash know about good habits? They’re easier to build on autopilot. We learned this watching folks use our unlimited car wash passes to maintain clean rides nearly effortlessly. In fact, we’ve never seen such low effort deliver such success. But how can you win in the new year in more than just a clean and shiny car?  

Steps to Success 

Sometimes its okay to take the easiest path possible toward success. After all, efficiency is one way we became king of the jungle called Earth.  

And this efficiency can help with New Year’s resolutions involving fitness. Experts advise working your exercise into normal activities. For example: 

  • Park far away from the grocery store to get more steps in 
  • Do ten squats while loading the dryer 
  • Do a 60-second plank before rolling out of bed 
  • Double the length of your daily dog walks  
  • Netflix and yoga are as relaxing as the sofa 

New Year’s Healthy Eats 

Putting your eating habits on autopilot may not lead toward success but if you make eating junk food more difficult, you’ll be headed in the right direction.  

How to avoid your favorite junk foods? Don’t buy it. Sounds simple, but it works. Constant self-control is hard, especially when you’re bored or stressed. So be strong-willed while grocery shopping. Shop only when you’re not hungry and don’t buy foods you’ve resolved to quit - chips, cookies, donuts, processed food, etc.  

To be able to eat those foods, you’d have to make an extra, inconvenient trip back to the store. Not likely!  

*Bonus tip - willpower is typically strongest in the morning and grocery lines are short. 

Other Top New Year’s Resolutions 

Ok, we’ve got fitness and healthier foods handled with automated-style and these are usually the top two new habits folks want to build. Others on the list from 2022 are: 

  • Improve finances 
  • Spend more time with loved ones 
  • Reduce job stress 
  • Use social media less 
  • Quit smoking 

Those are some biggies, but you can handle any of them. Tiny steps make major impacts if you commit to them daily. Yes, for 365 days. But it only takes seconds each day. One minute of checking your budget and setting up automatic savings transfers is powerful. Two-minute meditations lower stress, believe it or not. And using social media only on your computer (delete phone apps) keeps that habit out of your pocket. 

Clean and Organized Habits 

Moving on to easier habits. Some people are naturally good at cleaning and organizing homes. Others have to work at it. Some experts say to clean one room at a time for house-cleaning, while others advise cleaning in 30-minute segments. This year, test it out and see what works best for you.  

As for car care resolutions, it’s best to keep your vehicle clean and maintained regularly. The engine will last longer as will your paint job and interior. You can automate these car habits with scheduling apps and reminders. And with ZIPS Unlimited membership, washing your vehicle is extremely convenient - go as often as you like for a flat monthly rate! Pull in for a quick wash and free vacuum on the way to: 

  • Get gas 
  • The car line  
  • The quick lube shop 
  • Grab takeout 
  • The grocery store (for fruit, veggies, and vitamins, of course!) 

Good luck with whatever your New Year’s resolution list entails. They can be difficult, but not if you find ways to make them easy, natural, and automatic.