Modern Dating, Cars, and Valentine’s Day

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The connection between cars and romance has a long history. From drive-in theater dates to timeless romantic drives through the mountains, Cupid puts the pedal to the metal in the driver’s seat! So, we thought you’d love a few fun tidbits about how Valentine’s Day, romance, and automobiles merge here in America. 

Sure, there may have been some awesome date nights on subways, buses, or planes but no one appears to be bragging about those. Love at first sight usually takes the next step via a car or truck. 

Valentines at Home 

So how did young people date each other before they could drive to dinner and a movie? Some historians say they did not truly date. It was called “courting” and the couple would meet up at the parents’ homes and be supervised. The invention of cars gave young people the chance to venture out and also offered privacy. 

Valentine’s Day back then would have involved the entire family. Awk-ward! And not quite as fun as driving down to Chili’s for buffalo wings. No offense to grandma’s fried chicken, of course.  

Year of the Car 

Then ole Henry Ford made automobiles more widely available, and dating hasn’t been the same since. He wasn’t the first person to build a car, but in 1914 he had mass production down to a science. Ford’s Model T became affordable, at $290, for the average car shopper. 

This new mode of transportation didn’t come without criticism. Wagon makers were up in arms and out of business. And social critics even denounced this machine which made dating away from watchful parental chaperones, much more possible.  

Fast-forward to Modern Valentine’s Day and Dates 

Now cars and trucks are a natural part of our lives. As normal as getting married and starting a family. Ok, some vehicles ARE family! And the right ride will turn the head of your Valentine. Just depends on what spins their wheels: 

  • Hot rods 
  • Cool 4WDs  
  • Or shiny luxury vehicles 

Vehicles aren’t just status symbols either, they are intertwined with our personality. A crush who likes off-roading may not be interested if your car can’t climb a hill or handle a mudhole! 

But what about that other modern dating issue… 

Online Dating Facts 

Oh, the dating apps. Many Americans say online dating is exhausting, yet apps keep gaining in popularity. One Pew study found more people frustrated (45%) than hopeful (28%) after using dating apps. But overall, 57% of those surveyed found the experience to be positive. 

And good luck finding a Valentine’s Day date the old-fashioned way. Wagons aren’t making a comeback and online dating is here to stay. So here are some tips to make the most of modern dating online so this Valentine’s Day is memorable. 

  • Use quality photos on your dating profile 
  • Be honest about your intentions 
  • Use humor 
  • Be genuinely curious about those who match with you 
  • Ask trusted friends for feedback on your profile  

Clean Up Real Nice 

Now, after you connect with a potential Valentine, dating gurus put a huge emphasis on the first impression. You only get one shot at that - according to mathematical facts. So be sure to look your best. A new outfit helps, along with a visit to your barber or stylist.  

And pulling up in a dirty ride on Valentine’s Day is not the best look. Don't panic though! A quick trip to the car wash will do wonders for your love life. And take advantage of free vacuums along with free self-service towels and surface cleaner at ZIPS for a spiffy interior.  

Many lovely relationships start with a Valentine’s date. So put in the effort and you just might drive smack into love.