Memorial Day Travel Tips

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In 2021, over 37 million Americans were expected to travel during Memorial Day Weekend by planes, trains, but mostly automobiles. Are you making big plans to hit the road for a long weekend? No matter how you celebrate the unofficial start to summer this Memorial Day weekend, you can stay safe with these travel tips.  

Tips for Holiday Fun and Safety 

  • Keep an emergency car kit on board your ride in case of accidents, car trouble, or sickness. Carry along bottled water, towels, external cell phone chargers that don’t rely on the battery of your vehicle, and a flashlight in case you run into any hiccups on your journey.  
  • Get plenty of rest before you hit the road and during your trip so you never have to drive drowsy, which causes over 100,000 vehicle accidents annually. If you get sleepy, switch out with another authorized driver or pull over to a safe place to rest until you are safe to drive again.  
  • Don’t let your phone distract you into a ditch. Whatever it is, it can wait until you’re out from behind the wheel.  
  • Get your vehicle checked out before long holiday road trips. Have your mechanic inspect: 
    • Battery 
    • Belts 
    • Tires 
    • Fluid levels 
    • Air conditioner (no a/c equals family mutiny) 
  • Download maps of local areas in case your GPS or phone loses signal. Plan ahead with these tips to ensure you have a fun and safe long weekend.  

Staycation more your thing?  

Enjoy some fun in your own backyard with these safety tips: 

  • Visit local attractions or holiday gatherings safely by never getting behind the wheel intoxicated. Be sure someone with you is safe to drive before ever putting it in drive.  
  • Always buckle up! That’s right, 3 seconds of safety measures put into place can save your life.  
  • Research ahead of time local events happening when everyone else has hit the road. You may experience fewer crowds back home – plus the gas is cheaper when you stay close by.  

Whether you stay or go this Memorial Day Weekend, come enjoy some family friendly fun at ZIPS Car Wash and clean up together at any of our 230+ locations. All ZIPS locations are open regular business hours on Memorial Day.  

*Some claim a clean car drives better but we can’t confirm or deny.