Have a Blast this Independence Day

07_have a blast this independence day

(Top 5 July 4th Faves)

Two things we all know about Independence Day— it’s a day full of fun and it’s plain hot!

As long as you prepare for the heat and good times, you and your crew will have a summer blast. So, before we list 5 of America’s favorite activities on Independence Day, here are 4 ways to ensure fun doesn’t get squelched.

Summer Safe

Stay hydrated (Dehydration frequently sends people to the hospital ~NIH)

Respect fireworks used at home (Roughly 11,500 injuries in 2021 ~NPR)

Sunscreen and shade save lives (5 or more sunburns doubles risk of melanoma)

Check your vehicle in June so it’s road-ready for July 4th trips (Tire problems increase in summer heat ~AAA)

Can’t go wrong with a clean ride via ZIPS Car Wash on your way out for a roadie. Our car wash offers a quick clean-up with free vacs and a chance to pause to check your emergency road kit, tire pressure, and even the windshield washer fluid.

Where’s the fun list though?

Drumroll… Top 5 July 4th Favs

  1. Fireworks Shows. Why? They’re a blast + you get more bang for your buck when free music concerts fuse with the fireworks display. We’re on fire with these lit puns don’t ya think?????
  2. Grill and Chill. This can be a ginormous family reunion with truckloads of BBQ ribs or a small neighborhood cookout. Don’t forget to invite those nice vegans now… they may win you over with their recipes.
  3. Car Shows. These are great events if you love cars of all shapes and sizes - trucks too. You’ll see unique rides, plus many car shows benefit a charity. Bonus, these car lovers can reveal to you the best way to wash a car and keep it show ready!
  4. Lake or Beach? To be or not to be at the beach, that is the question. Because… Independence Day crowds, right? Many find a lake getaway a more laid-back July vacation. But if you do hit the beach, here are a few less crowded locales (shh????).
  5. Boston Harborfest. Missed the original Tea Party? No problem since Boston has a ton of fun on Independence Day every year. Endless entertainment, plus a Freedom Trail walk, and readings of a Frederick Douglass speech!

Which will you choose? Let’s wrap this up with…

Freedom to Do Your Thing this 4th of July

Each year, this mid-summer holiday reminds us of the freedom we have here in the USA. What about the ones we don’t have you might ask… well, we’re free to work towards those together.

And we are free to enjoy the good times and good people all around us. Whether we do the best car clean-up ever then enter a car show, hit a baseball game with the fam, or hang out at a weekend festival.

Let freedom ring this Independence Day and have the time of your life!

BTW – All 275+ ZIPS Car Wash locations are open on July 4th, so be sure to joyride in and see us, especially you unlimited fans!