Father's Day Gift Ideas

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Father’s Day is the #1 day to show some love to the good ole Dad, Pops, or Mr. Grillmaster. Whichever alias your dad prefers or was mandated by his BBQ Association. This man helped keep you in proper shoes, taught you how to drive, and was always ready with a dad joke.

With all that dads have done for us, what kind of gift would impress such an amazing fella? What about other father figures in your life? Uncles, brothers, family friends. Men willing to change a tire in the rain for you anytime. Some wait by the phone almost hoping for a flat so they can go on a dad mission – those are the men to honor this Father’s Day.

Father’s Day Gifts Dos & Don’ts

Now let’s see what kind of gifts these dads would love the most this year. We can start by cutting down the list of gift ideas. For all the know and unknown reasons, here are five items dad doesn’t need:

  1. Fuzzy bedroom slippers   
  2. New tires
  3. PS5
  4. New puppy
  5. Sneakers

See, now we have a starting point. Dads are not picky, but you may have to dig deep to find out what they want. That could be a problem if he’s the strong silent type. So, use this cheat sheet below of top Father’s Day gifts from 2020.

  • Clothing was the most common gift (National Retail Federation) 
  • But the most wanted gift by dads was gift cards (RetailMeNot)
  • 41% of shoppers wanted a unique gift for dad (National Retail Federation)

Time Well Spent

With that info, you have bits of gift intel but don’t forget the gift of time. The Big Guy will appreciate you buying him lunch or bringing the grandkids by for a visit as much as anything. Maybe a round of golf could be your ace in the hole for this year’s gift? 

Mr. Grillmaster could also use more free time for BBQ interludes. So, give the dad in your life more leisure time. You could volunteer to help with home improvement projects or pay for a few months of lawn care for him. Also, search “unlimited car wash pass near me” for fathers who like keeping their ride super neat and clean. 

Zips has a Wash Club that includes unlimited ride-through car washes and free vacs all month long, to save dad from dragging out his super-loud shop vac. His will thank you. And if he owns a business with multiple vehicles, the Zips Car Wash fleet program makes those unlimited washes even more valuable. 

The Gift of Dads

Whether you give the dad in your world an unlimited car wash pass, new grill, or fresh sneakers he’ll appreciate you. Most dads don’t ask for much. Some free time to watch their favorite team. The occasional road trip or a weekend of off-roading and they’re good. 

But in reality, dads are the gift. And every day we get to be around them, we should take advantage of it. Nothing can replace time with Pop. And if you don’t believe us, just ask the Big Guy himself this Father’s Day. He’ll let you know, possibly with a dad joke wrapped in a riddle. Just play along!