Fall Cleaning is Just as Vital as Spring Cleaning

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A great injustice has occurred with fall cleaning. It has never gotten the same respect as spring cleaning. Fall clean doesn’t have the same ring as spring clean - see what I mean?! But make no mistake - cars, homes, and yards need a fall cleaning, too. 

We are going to change hearts and minds with these fall cleaning tips! Or perhaps just convince you to protect your ride from leaf stains with regular car washes and defend your lawn from heavy wet leaves. 

Fresh Fall Feeling  

Fall does have the fresh feel of spring and terrific temperaturesThis weather makes it a great time to clean up outdoors.  

  • Replace flowers that summer has scorched  
  • Freshen up mulch in flower beds 
  • Fill in bare lawn spots with winter ryegrass  

As for those endless leaves of fall, you know what to do. Blow them into your neighbor’s yard…kidding! Leaves can be handled easier when they are dry. So, gather them up before it rains each week.  

Fall Cleaning – An Inside Job  

Since the weather is so nice during fall, save interior fall cleaning for rainy days. Clean out the garage, attic, and closets to keep clutter under control. A fall yard sale will keep old items out of the landfill. A good carpet cleaning is also a must. 

And for sunny days, you’ll want to clean out those gutters or have someone do it for you. Clogged gutters can cause wood on your house to rot, resulting in costly repairs. 

Don’t Forget your Ride!  

What about a fall cleaning list for your car or truck? ZIPSs Car Wash is on it! Your ride is just as important as your other property. So here are some key cleaning tasks for the fall season: 

  • Declutter the interior - need another yard sale? Yep. We get it.  
  • Use Q-tips to clean inside vents and other tiny console spaces 
  • Detailed vacuuming under seats, in trunk, and all crevices (that’s what our compressed air* is for!)  
  • Wash car mats 
  • Clean windows inside and out 
  • Search “unlimited car wash pass near me” to keep the exterior pristine all fall 
  • Use wax or ZIPS’ Z5X Ceramic Coating to protect your paint 

Washing your vehicle weekly keeps dirt and grime from building up. And an express car wash makes that easy and keeps you from handwashing on cold fall days. Plus, winter weather is next. 

*Regular car washes help prevent stains from birds, bugs, and leaf acids.  

Clean Auto Check-up 

And since you’re taking on the task of fall car cleaning, you should also get a vehicle check-up. Have your mechanic check everything out to be sure your ride gets you safely back and forth. Some things you can check yourself are: 

  • Tire pressure (Don’t forget the spare!) 
  • Tire tread 
  • Date on the battery (warranty info) 
  • Oil and other fluids 
  • Roadside assistance coverage up to date (phone numbers accessible) 
  • Emergency car kit on hand 

A clean smooth-running vehicle is a must during all four seasons. Fall just provides some of the best weather to take care of car washing and maintenance. So, get out there and enjoy the nice weather with a clean-up day for your ride. 

Together, we can finally give fall cleaning the same respect as spring cleaning. Perhaps we could rename it “Wash All Fall” to give it a fighting chance! 

*participating ZIPS locations only