Don’t Forget Your Vehicle Needs Spring Cleaning Too

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Here’s the blooming truth. Spring cleaning makes people feel happier, but your vehicle needs freshening up just as much as your home does. So, if you need some car care tips and cleaning motivation, we’re glad to help you out. 

Hopefully, you’ve had the chance to run through the car wash regularly during winter. Frequent washing helps protect your ride’s exterior from a build-up of dirt and film, especially on salted roads. No worries if Jack Frost kept you away from the car wash though.  

Regular washes this season will spring forward your vehicle’s shine. And the undercarriage will benefit from having mud, gunk, and salt rinsed away, too. You may have to do some detailed cleaning with microfiber towels or soft brushes, but that’s fine. Take advantage of free self-service towels and surface cleaner at Zips Car Wash. 

Spring Cleaning the Vehicle Interior  

There’s no doubt the interior is the focus for spring cleaning. The vehicle exterior is a breeze with automatic car washes. The interior will require a little elbow grease and your favorite motivational playlist. But you’ll get it done with the following tips. 

Start big and toss the trash. Some sneaky clutter will be under, between, or stuck to the seats. You don’t have to read every paper receipt either. If it’s been on the floorboard for three months, you probably don’t need it! Don’t forget the trunk, which is the closet of cars, a catch-all. 

Top Dirt First 

With the clutter gone, it’s time to wipe down the dash, door panels, consoles, etc. Use a soft microfiber cloth and an interior cleaner / protectant if needed. Cleaning upper areas will cause dirt and dust to fall on the floor areas. That’s why it’s best to vacuum last. Logic-based cleaning! 

Q-tips and old toothbrushes are great for cleaning dusty crevices such as the a/c and heat vents and cup holders. Some people use a thin cloth attached to a ruler or plastic coat hanger. Compressed air works too and can be found at most ZIPS locations.  

Victorious Vacuuming 

Now remove the floor mats and clean those. A once-over with a vacuum will remove the dirt, then just use soap and water on rubber mats. Extra-dirty carpet mats may need a carpet cleaning product along with light scrubbing. While the mats dry you can vacuum the floorboards, under the seats, every nook-and-cranny, then the trunk.  And, pro tip: use painter’s tape to remove hard to vacuum pet hair. 

You Can See Clearly Now the Grime is Gone 

The next step is glass. Don’t do windows? Spring is the time to start. Use paper towels or free self-serve towels at Zips to clean off fingerprints, film, and dreaded dog slobber. Clean windows give you clear vision to enjoy sunny days and also make driving safer with enhanced traffic visibility. 

Since you’re now on glass duty, check your rear-view and other mirrors. Some spots may have film build-up on edges that need your detailed cleaning skills. The same goes for your dashboard displays. Just be sure your cleaning product is safe to use on clear plastic as well as glass.  

Spring Cleaning Check-up 

Now that your ride is looking as fresh as a spring day you can finish up by shining those tires and wheels. Of course, this is a good time to check for tire wear and adjust the air pressure. While you’re at it, here are other things to check out:

  • Wiper blades (clean with rubbing alcohol or replace) 
  • Lights and turn signals  
  • Fluid levels or have them checked 

We hope you feel 100% better after your drive down spring clean lane. And if you plan to tackle your home next, good for you. Spring cleaning seems to give us momentum for the rest of the year just like the season does for the budding world around us. Plus, one study showed cleaning makes us more empathetic. A big help in traffic jams!