Back to School safety for commuting and cross walks 

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Driving is statistically one of the most dangerous things humans do. That’s why being extra careful while commuting near kids and in school zones is super important.  

Being alert, using common sense, and taking your time means that accidents will be less likely near a school. While it’s true that pedestrians have the right of way, that law can’t stop a 2,000-pound automobile with a distracted driver in the moment. But if everyone makes safety a priority, then we can protect our children.  

Driving No-Nos in School Zones 

Let’s get right to the nitty-gritty with the top things that can prevent a disaster when driving in or around school zones. 

  • Phones should never be used while driving 
  • Only use designated student loading and unloading zones 
  • Know the school’s pick-up and drop-off procedures beforehand 
  • Passing or changing lanes is very dangerous with children all around 

Being a safe driver on the open roads depends on knowing the rules and regulations. Near schools, those guidelines are even more important. The key to being aware of school zone rules? Call the school for information and watch for safety signs. 

School Bus Safety 

As for that bright yellow bus, it’s hard to miss. Still, 13,000 people were injured in school bus accidents in 2019 alone. Better education for kids riding the bus and drivers sharing the road with school buses can reduce those accidents. 

Teach your child to look both ways before crossing the road in front of the bus. They should not trust that everyone sees the flashing lights and stop sign on the bus. And if they drop something they should leave it until they ask the driver if it is safe to pick it up. 

We don’t expect young children to make safe decisions every time, so it’s crucial that drivers use extra caution around school buses. Be prepared for stops whenever a bus is in front, behind, or beside you. Never pass a school bus that is stopping or about to stop with yellow lights flashing.  

Traffic Safety for Kids of All Ages 

And since kids are in a hurry to grow up, start teaching them traffic safety as early as possible. There are tons of safety measures that pay off whether they are five or fifteen.  

  • Young children need to know how to safely navigate crosswalks.  
  • They should only listen to crossing guards. A well-intentioned driver can get them injured by waving them across a street. 
  • Looking both ways, even on one-way streets, is a must. 

As for teenagers, they need major driving practice before they get their license. The more miles they log, the more comfortable and competent they will become. And make it clear that driving while texting is a threat to other drivers as well as to their own life. 

There is plenty of time at home for phone use. Maybe urge them to do a job search since someone’s gotta pay for their gas! ZIPS Car Wash is a cool place to start their search for “car wash jobs near me.”. And if their ride resembles their room, getting them familiar with the local car wash and vacuum area might not be a bad idea either.  

Safety Focus 

Of course, it’s a busy world and distractions lead to many traffic accidents. So, if we work on our focus, we can prevent some of these accidents. And focus is something that can be learned and improved like math, English, and P.E. (dodgeball is a life skill!). 

Focus can be enhanced by practicing mindfulness, which is simply paying attention to your thoughts. Proper sleep helps too. As does setting time aside to perform single tasks instead of multitasking all day. 

So, focus on the road and road rules while also teaching your children how to protect themselves. Now all they have to worry about is you showing up in a dirty ride when school lets out. Unless of course, you make a quick detour to ZIPS Car Wash before that school bell rings. Then you’ll be the shine of the school pick-up line!